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  • President

    Alec Phelps

    Duties include: Presiding at all general membership and special meetings, appointing committees and serving as non-voting member of those committees, overseeing the coordination of all projects, and finding speakers for general meetings.

    President’s Bio

  • Vice President

    Alexander Chervenick

    Duties include: Aiding the president, assuming the duties of the president in case of the absence or disability of the president, and overseeing all other officers and their corresponding duties. 

    Vice President’s Bio

  • Secretary

    Heather Wyllie

    Duties include: Keeping a written record of all meetings, recording minutes and attendance of members, keeping a list of current active members, and reporting to Executive Board of all speaker requests received by e-mail. 

    Secretary’s Bio

  • Treasurer

    Alik Assi

    Duties include: Collecting dues, seeing the day to day expenditures of the club, withdrawing and depositing money as needed.

    Treasurer’s Bio

  • Medical School Ambassador

    Saaketh Kyathari

    Duties include: Maintaining communication with all affiliate medical school organizations, meeting with medical school organizations and faculty to discuss all possible joint activities, coordinating all activities with medical school faculty or organizations.

    Medical School Ambassador’s Bio

  • Community Outreach Chair

    Ali Albowaidey

    Duties include: Arranging community service opportunities, working as a liaison between the club and other health related organizations, keeping a record of all activities and participants, and maintaining the club's iServe account. 

    Community Outreach Chair’s Bio

  • Public Relations Chair

    Jarrett Childress

    Duties include: Maintaining Pre-Medical Club's three social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and website, printing and distributing flyers, and advertising the club on campus.

    Public Relations Chair’s Bio