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Pre-Medical Club

As West Virginia University's local chapter of the American Medical Student Association, the Pre-Medical Club works to prepare students aspiring to pursue a career in the medical field. The Pre-Medical Club hosts meetings once or twice every month to give students access to additional resources that will help them during their journey to medical school. Representatives from various medical schools, Kaplan, the military, community organizations, medical programs, and more come to speak to our members during each meeting. The Pre-Med Club also plans a number of events throughout the year to help connect students to WVU's School of Medicine and improve their clinical knowledge and skills.

Join us for our first meeting of the Fall 2020 semester: September 16th!
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Our Goals:

  1. Provide resources to students planning to pursue a career in the medical field 
  2. Connect students at WVU with similar goals and interests
  3. Build a community of like-minded individuals through our social events and activities
  4. Give back to our university and community through our club-sponsored community service events

Interested in a career in the medical field? Get involved on campus by joining our student organization.

Upcoming Events

Stay in the loop about our upcoming events!

General Meeting 1

Wednesday, September 16th

7:00 pm on Zoom

General Meeting 2

Monday, September 28th 

7:00 pm on Zoom
Meeting Info

General Meeting 3

Wednesday, October 14th 

7:00 pm on Zoom
Meeting Info

General Meeting 4

Monday, October 26th

7:00 pm on Zoom
Meeting Info

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